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Our production systems are suited to most types of nutritional food bars that are found in the market today.

Formulations ranging from extruded soft, high protein bars, multi-layer bars, to slab-formed fruit, grain and nut bars can be efficiently handled on our fully automated high-speed lines.
Our extruders can achieve both single and multi-layer extruded bar varieties. Some of our extruded formulations include soft whole food and organic fruit & nut style bars, large format high protein bars for sports nutrition, candy-bar-like caramel layered bars, and more.  
Our slab or sheet-formed bar lines are very versatile. Slab-forming is a good option for bars made predominantly of delicate particulates such as cereal or protein crisps, or large particulates such as whole nuts. Caramel or other layers can be added, and chocolate chips or other bits can be deposited on top.  
Our custom-built chocolate enrobers offer the flexibility of full enrobing, bottom coating, and chocolate drizzling. Enrobing with real chocolate, compound chocolate, yogurt or other coatings can easily be accomplished in-line.
Our high-speed, robotic packaging lines allow us to wrap bars at speeds upwards of 450 bars per minute per line. Wrapped bars are robotically loaded into machine-erected cartons, cartons are machine-sealed, robotically loaded into shipping cases and robotically loaded onto pallets.
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